Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Helpful Links - Affiliate Marketing

Hi Folks, 

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have decided to try something new at The Guitar Teaching Blog - affiliate marketing. You will now find links to various products pertaining directly to the monthly topic and which you might find helpful in your own teaching or playing. As always I hope you find the information useful! 

12 Bar Blues - Walking Bass Line

In previous posts I have discussed different ways to introduce the 12 Bar Blues to students. This month I wanted to talk about using a walking bass line to accompany another guitarist or musician when playing a 12 Bar Blues. Walking bass lines are generally associated with our bass playing brethren, but guitarists can also effectively use them. In its most simplistic form a walking bass outlines (or arpeggiates) the notes of a chord using a quarter note rhythm.

There are many complications when introducing a new concept like a walking bass line to students, such as should the teacher discuss: What it is, Where it comes from, How to change keys or How to develop it; my M.O. (modus operandi) is that students are on a “need to know basis.” Don’t feel the need to burden the student with a great deal of information about what they are doing just get them playing, technical and theoretical information can be slowly introduced during subsequent lessons.

Below is an example of a basic Walking Bass in A with fingerings. I have included accompanying chords not only for the teacher to play along, but also so the student can see how the chords fit with the bass line. Moreover, the teacher and student should swap parts as the student becomes proficient playing both parts individually.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Open Position Power Chords, Pt.IV - 12 Bar Blues

In the last few posts I discussed open position power chords and the various ways that they can be utilized in lessons. These simple chords can be played using only one finger and are a gateway to playing the basic blues/rock patterns. 

Last month open position power chords were taken to the next level by incorporating a shuffle rhythm. This month we’ll plug those chords and rhythm into a basic 12 Bar Blues pattern. Students can continue to use a continuous down strum for the shuffle rhythm in order to facilitate the ease of playing.